Pool parties are increasing day by day and with that the party lights are also becoming important. People are looking for pool party lights, which are now available in the market in a diverse variety.

Today we are going to look at some types of lights that will make your pool look a unique and attractive one.

Incandescent Pool Lights

These pool lights come in three different types. The light bulbs of these lights are pretty much similar to the bulbs used housing in older times. Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs provide white light and are very efficient.

Halogen Lights

These are more compact than CFL and they use very less power as well. The drawback is that they produce limited white light.

LED Light

These are the most effective and most widely used lights all around the world. LED lights are effective because they use very less power and they come in various colors. These LED pool lights are specifically designed to operate on fewer voltages like 12 V and on 120 V.

Flush-Mounted Underwater Halogen Pool Light

These pool lights are fitted in the pool wall. As these are halogen lights so they use more power and more maintenance. Its installation is quite difficult at times.

Flush-Mounted Underwater LED Pool Light

These are LED lights and mounted on the pool walls under water. These lights are LEDs so they use very less power. These lights need to be fitted in the walls of the pool. They give a brilliant light underwater. These are much more popular than any other pool lights.

Surface-Mounted Underwater LED Light

These light are mounted on the pool surface, they can be easy and at the same time difficult to install. They can be fitted on the existing lights. They have a wider shaft and children quite often use them as a step to climb outside the pool.

Pool Garden Lighting

These are the lights that give swimming pool its beauty. These are colorful lights and are used outside the pool for landscaping. Also LED is much more efficient than halogens

Feature Lighting

LED or Halogen lighting can be utilized to highlight any component of your pool area or garden. You can pick to illuminate waterfalls, specific trees or other finishing highlights. Driven lighting is more practical to keep running than halogen include lighting, yet you should spend more cash on it forthright.

Submersible and Floating LED Lighting

These are the most interesting ones as they keep floating on the surface of water and give it a different colorful and unique look. These lights are often used in pool parties and enhance the beauty. These lights give a very colorful outlook of the landscape.

As should be obvious, there are something like nine unique kinds of lighting that you can use to enlighten your swimming pool and its encompassing area. Picking the correct kind of lighting can be difficult, however taking a gander at the motivation behind each light and its upsides and downsides will enable you to settle on the correct choice..