Presenting someone something is a much difficult task. And while giving presents to every group is comparatively easy, it’s really hard to surprise a teenager. They have fluctuating desires and tastes.

In this stage the mind is rather complex and so we need to get adapted to their styles and thinking. To make the choosing easier, we are presenting here a list of 6 best budget friendly gifts for teenage boys and girls.


Every teen, be it boy or a girl love being funky in their look! They try to keep in fashion whatever the season be, and in every winter season, their fashion fever doesn’t get cured without a Beanie.
But wait, this is not just an ordinary beanie like others. This $25, beanie is laced with Bluetooth connected to his or her Smartphone or iPod. Days for entangling headphones are gone now!


Girls! Whatever be their age, can’t keep them from decorating themselves, and when it comes to the matter of teenage, they would definitely want to roll the attention over themselves.

So what can be prettier than offering them an unusual looking earring? What if the earrings look even more like exclamatory or question mark? Surprise them with these rare and extraordinary earrings which can be easily bought for $10. Come in silver outlook for more glaze and grace.


With the stepping of your son into teenage, comes his duty to clean, trim and style his beards and moustache, and eventually that’s the best part of masculine gender anyway! Let’s make them feel more manly now.

Nothing would make your son more excited than a royal Razor and Shave set of Harry, bought just for $20. It comes in a case laced with velvet, ideal for your son.


Tired of forcing her up in morning to get ready for school? You might have numerous hard try but all ended in vain; don’t worry, this cheap, $13 dollar mug would add an extra enthusiasm in her for getting up early.

It has a real donut like outlook with even colorful candy chips on it. This cute and colorful looking coffee mug is sure to make her crave for it.


Is your boy or girl gym freak, or likes walk along quiet countryside with ears on music? Or are they simply crazy for music? Just give them the best gift of their teenage within the affordable amount of just $20. These are some very good standard headphones for less than $50.

This funky looking wireless over the head, headphones with awesome bass is bound to make your child addicted to it. With an old walkman outlook, it can also turn the head of the passers-by.


He is not a kid anymore, is he? So why don’t give him something mature? And this neon table lamp for $70 dollar has the ability to change the coziness of any desk. He would feel something different under this awesome designed table lamp.

The word ‘Hype’ glows white to cause lights to fall in mesmerizing way. Simple yet attractive; the one that would never fail to impress your son!


After all it’s the matter of a teenager! They can’t be made surprised by costly gifts, we can surprise them even with the cheapest things if the product touches his or her heart. Be wise, choose the best!